The Chronicle endorses Kevin Burns!!??

Just when I thought that paper couldn’t possibly sink any lower it does just that!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Brenda Schory immediately runs to Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns whenever anything comes through that paper that might affect him. I suppose there’s nothing quite like having a reporter informant.  chronicle

Then Schory stayed for only 10 minutes of Patch/TaxFacts mayoral debate and proceeded to write a glowing piece which simply echoed Mayor Burns’ opening statement. There’s nothing like being impartial is there? Screw deadlines – you push ’em back when you have to.

We’ve already discussed the fact that newspapers only do endorsements for self-important reasons and they don’t spend enough time on them to do a good job anyway.

To wit, the Chronicle’s endorsement of Burns consists of essentially the press release Burns has been sending out regarding his “accomplishments.” Their editorial board made virtually no effort to change the wording at all! Although that could be a more efficient way of moderating the endorsement process – simply let the candidate write the copy themselves!

Then the Chronicle, questioning McQuillan’s choice to run for mayor, suggested he should’ve run for school board instead. Unbelievable! As if anyone should take any advice from newspapers these days.

The good news is folks, Mayor Burns got all the endorsement for county chair and the went down by 40 points. Perhaps the Chronicle’s incompetence is a sign!

One thought on “The Chronicle endorses Kevin Burns!!??

  1. You are right about Brenda Schory. Her investigational reporting ends immediately if it involves any of her friends. Those would be Karen McConnaughay, Kevin Burns, the Fox River Countryside Fire Protection District, Ken Shepro Dennis Hastert, or Pat Jaeger.

    She is now so concerned about good government but let good government ride for years when a completely unqualified director was put into KCDEE under the term “restructuring.” And many campaign contributors and board members sucked up every available appointment.Again, nothing reported.

    The interpretation of good government, as it is appearing to unfold with local media is this…if we like you or you are powerful you did what you wanted. But if we or our editors don’t like you we will turn a molehill into a mountain over any slight perception of wrongdoing.

    The great news and actual reality is that the general public gets it and rejects the media advice at just about every turn.

    Schory is one of the worst offenders at playing the favoritism card.

    Shaw media ought to advise that she remove her blinders or simply let her do the fluffy man on the street interviews.

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