Neither rain nor sleet nor snow…

Will stop Allen and I from flooding your airwaves from 3 to 4 p.m.   pension-python-jeff-ward-allen-skillicorn

Yes! Despite the inclement weather (holy crap it’s bad out there), it’s almost time for Left, Right and You. So please tune into WRMN 1410 between the aforementioned times and political enlightenment will be yours – as long as you ignore my esteemed co-host.

  • Elgin City Councilman Rich Dunne will call in to discuss today’s two-year city council seat primary and to weigh in on whether Elgin’s taxes have actually gone up or down.
  • Active Elgin Octave member and friend of Allen Skillicorn Julie Schmidt will also call in to talk about what it’s like to be a conservative woman. Conservative woman? Isn’t that a lot like being an anti-semitic Jew?
  • If time permits, Allen and I will discuss whether, after a too-brief bout of introspection, the GOP is back to their same old Schtick by blocking the Hagel (defense) and Brennan (CIA) nominations.

And Kudos to Mr. Skillicorn! Though I’m wimping out and will do the show remotely for all the obvious late winter reasons, he will valiantly assemble his team of huskies and make it into the studio.

Don’t forget to call in at 847-931-1410!



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