The wrong way to get rid of Pat Brady!

Please Lord! I’m trying to have patience with new State Senator Jim Oberweis if for no other reason than I like the guy.  I know, I know. There’s no accounting for taste.  brady

I too would like nothing more than to see Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady sent packing because, as today’s Patch column presents, there are so many good reason to do just that! But what does Sen. Oberweis hang his resignation demand hat on?

That’s right, Brady’s call for the GOP to relent on their same-sex marriage stance when that’s the only thing Brady has managed to do right in the 10 years.

Of course, given his past history, all the papers and news outlets immediately picked up on the Oberweis pronouncement which made Illinois Republicans look just another bunch of intolerant idiots. Like Republicans really need to give voters any more reasons not to vote for them.

Please read the column to see how Jim should’ve done it!

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