The bakers union strikes back!

As a prelude to Monday’s Courier-News column, we briefly covered the whole Hostess debacle here. As you know, my tolerance for labor unions is getting thinner and thinner every day. Unions may have served a noble purpose at one time, but those days have long gone by. 

When I placed the blame for the Twinkie company’s as yet unnecessary demise squarely where it belongs, on the bakers union, they took offense! Though the emails weren’t outright threatening, I’m considering wearing Kevlar one more time.

Why is it that so many folks shriek and howl about all the entitlements out there, but when you question theirs, they immediately think you’re the villain? With the sometime exception of teachers, unions have  become nothing more than a means of shaking down management and keeping lazy and incompetent worker on the job.

I understand the pendulum had to swing away from last century’s sweat shops, but this is one case where it’s swung way too far.

Please read the column and judge for yourself!

One thought on “The bakers union strikes back!

  1. You are so correct in your statement about Unions. They were needed 80-90 years ago when workers had no Rights in this country. Since then, they have blocked out certain groups from Unionizing while attacking anyone that disagrees with them.

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