The Spirit of Radio will move me from 3 to 4 today!

With all four of us in the studio it should be a very interesting afternoon! That’s right! Tim Elenz, Paul Edwards, Allen Skillcorn and yours truly will take to the airwaves once again (11/27) from 3 to 4 on WRMN AM 1410.

That means there will be plenty of folks to keep Paul and I apart if necessary. I’m sure he’s still smarting from Mitt Romney’s ever widening defeat. 

And I promise you, this time, I will do my best to avoid that mad dash to the radio station which apparently had me speaking so fast last week, that I ended up sounding something like a hyperactive monkey on crack. Deep breaths Jeff…deep breaths.

Today we might tackle topics like the future of Left, Right and You, are congressional Republicans really willing to work with the President, is Grover Nordquist losing his sex appeal, will Tim put in his application for Jesse Jackson Jr.s’ congressional seat, did Paul personally examine the President’s Hawaiian birth certificate, and what happens when one political party dominates state politics.

Be there or be square.

One thought on “The Spirit of Radio will move me from 3 to 4 today!

  1. Paul is very passionate about his political views. That said, I will look forward to listening in.

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