Rob Russell calls for integrity, repairing relationships, and spending more money?

Though Tao Martinez certainly gave it his best, it looks like we’re stuck with Rob Russell as Kane County Coroner for the next four years. Of course, that’s when he’ll try to make the jump to Sheriff, a position for which he is eminently unqualified. 

Meanwhile, in both today’s Chronicle and Daily Herald, Russell says he wants to restore coroner credibility, claims he’ll try to “repair relationships,” and said he wants to get the office accredited.  Let’s examine those statements:

1. Credibility

While the office could certainly use it, Russell might want to consider personal integrity first. To that end, this is an open call for  our new coroner to provide me proof that, per his campaign literature, he participated in in 60 plus DuPage homicide investigations.

Because if that isn’t true – and I suspect it isn’t – the voters deserve some sort of explanation. I’ll give Russell time to retrieve the appropriate paperwork and if he doesn’t call me, I’ll call him.

I also promise Mr. Russell that I’ll be keeping a close eye on his relationship with Deputy Coroner Loren Carrera and her husband Cisco, two over-the-top Russell supporters. Trust me, neither one of them was in it for their selfless and altruistic intent.

2. Relationships.

My response to that one is, just like that old adage, if you didn’t break it then you wouldn’t have to fix it.

I would give my left you-know-what to be a fly on the wall during Russell’s first meeting with Sheriff Pat Perez. Let’s just say that all that campaign talk about arresting the sheriff and the possibility of replacing him will come back to haunt our new coroner.

Though, I’m sure Chairman Lauzen will take the high road, Russell’s blatant complicity in a online conversation in which an ex-county board member referred to the long-time State Senator as “queer,” isn’t exactly what I would call getting off on the right foot.

3. Accreditation

Why is it anytime a Republican gets elected, the first thing they do is come up with new ways to spend your money? Accreditation can run around ten grand and, trust me, despite Russell’s assertion, it won’t get them any more grant money.

The right thing to do would be to come into the office, review all procedures and policies, and then make the appropriate adjustments and changes. Instead of arresting the sheriff and/or running up a huge bill, perhaps Mr. Russell could devote some of his time to that effort – when he isn’t busy repairing relationships.

One thought on “Rob Russell calls for integrity, repairing relationships, and spending more money?

  1. Integrity starts with picking up all the signs in the roadways. maybe Nolan could give a hand.

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