On firebrand Congressmen and deadbeat dads

Don’t ya just love Congressman Joe Walsh?

He publicly disparages his constituents, never misses a photo op, and screams from his self-appointed pulpit whenever the mood strikes him. But God forbid that despicable war hero Tammy Duckworth has the nerve to remind folks about that little child support lawsuit thing. 

Then Walsh has the nerve to stand teary eyed before the camera clutching his young son as he accuses Duckworth of sinking to a new low. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Apparently, in his world, children are just props.

Even though I’ve written about our deadbeat Congressman before, the truth is, deadbeat dads are a dime a dozen. You can’t swing a dead cat out here without hitting one. I understand Walsh’s ex-wife is far from perfect, but wouldn’t you think someone who chooses to regularly spit fire from on high would square things away before they opened their big mouth?

The lack of payments? There may be mitigating factors. But there’s no excuse for letting a child support issue dangle over you like the Sword of Damocles when you keep insisting you’re the moral center of the Republican party. You know my theory. I’ll take nefarious over stupid any day.

What reasonably competent politician would give his ex-wife that kind of public leverage? And then Walsh has the nerve to say the President isn’t very smart?

And you know what? If calling someone out for too-frequently citing their military service is fair game, then so are your child support payments – or lack of them.

This is the problem with today’s GOP. They hold everyone to a ridiculously high standard but themselves, they claim the moral high ground, but refuse to admit to their own lapses, and despite their declarations to the contrary, most of ’em aren’t very smart.

Again, I’m calling on real Republicans (and especially GOP women) to take back your party or you’ll be sitting on the sidelines for years to come. And it starts with calling out Joe Walsh for what he is.

Maybe it’s time for me to run.

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