Is it just me or are some of you thinking this too?

First let me say that my heart (and some of my cash) goes out to the folks on the east coast. Those pictures of  shoreline devastation are brutal. My fondest wish is that my beloved New Yorkers and all the rest get back on their feet as soon as possible.

But now I’ve lived long enough to see Camille, David, Hugo, Andrew, Katrina, Ike, Irene, Allison, Frances and I could go on. And the coastal devastation is always the same. Why do we keep building right up to the water’s edge knowing what a folly it really is?

I’m not saying a buffer would mitigate all the damage because it wouldn’t, but not only do we build right up to the edge, but as NASA warned New York and the Army Corp of Engineers warned New Orleans, we don’t employ the appropriate protective countermeasures either.

God bless all those folks who lost their homes, but maybe we should reconsider our shoreline strategies.

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