The Madison, IL County Coroner speaks!

Though Mr. Nonn’s statement came in as a comment, I thought it worthy of a more prominent posting:

“I really had every intention in not commenting on this coroner race and just follow it from afar as an interested party by reading newspaper accounts on how the election was progressing. What I have been reading lately changed my mind and I feel the need to vent.

Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn

When candidates turn to mud-slinging and name-calling their opponent, instead of touting their own credentials,even if they have to embellish them, then I wonder if they really have the ability to execute the duties of the office they seek.

Playing yard sign stealing games and intimidating people who have your opponents sign in their yards shows a lack of respect for the election process and the right of the people to feel free to express their support of the candidate of their choice without fear of reprisal.

If Mr. Martinez opponent is that insensitive to what he and his business does for families who have suffered a loss of a family member and wants to define him as a “janitor”, then he has no true understanding of the complexities of this job and where being sensitive to the needs of a family is just as important as the investigation.

As Coroner of Madison County,IL., our philosophy in dealing with families is and always will be, “they don’t care how much you know..until they know how much you care.”

I have known Mr. Martinez for many years and I know he has the character and integrity for the job and exhibits those unique qualities that will make him an excellent coroner.

To be fair, I don’t know Mr. Russell and maybe he has those same characteristics, I can only form an opinion based on what I have read in newspaper accounts and by how he runs his campaign.”

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