A partial election prediction and a trend!

As you already know, the two local races that interest me most are in the 11th and 8th U.S. Congressional Districts. Personally, I’d love to see Joe Walsh and Bill Foster sent home and it’s looking pretty good on both counts. Let’s see if you can follow the logic! 

In the 11th there were 10,132 early (not absentee) ballots cast as of last Thursday (10/25). Here’s how they break down:

40% (3,802) have pulled a Democratic primary ballot for the last 10 years.

42% (3,918) have pulled a Republican primary ballot for the last 10 years.

18% (1,686) have only voted in the general election during that same period.

This looks really good for Judy Biggert because – stay with me – what kind of 11th District voters only vote in the general election? Republicans! It’s exactly like it is in Chicago. There’s no point in casting a GOP primary vote in such a heavily Democratic district. 

It’s still a bit too close to call, but I like the numbers.

On to the 8th where, as of last Thursday, 13,935 people have voted early. And that one breaks down like this:

42% (5,525) 10 year primary Democrats

37% (4,793) 10 year primary Republicans

21% (2,711) 10 year general election only voters.

And who are the general election only voters in the Schaumburg based heavily Republican 8th District? That’s right – Democrats. So the only Joe Walsh we’re about to have to contend with is the one that plays guitar for the Eagles. Our Joe may as well submit that Fox News employment application right now.

That’s why that SuperPAC abandoned him – they saw the handwriting on the wall.

But the interesting thing is, the prior Thursday (10/18), by our logic, Walsh and Duckworth were less than 1 percent apart. And then Joe just had to go ahead and offer his professional medical opinion on women dying during childbirth.

Wouldn’t you think, since most male Republicans are married (multiple times), they would have already figured out that nothing good can ever come of completely bleeping off women? Either they never learn or their wives are complete wimps.

Next Thursday (or the day after), I’ll be able to tell you who will win these two races with virtual certainty.

2 thoughts on “A partial election prediction and a trend!

  1. You forgot to tell the Democrats to be sure to vote Wednesday, Nov. 7.

  2. I agree that Walsh will be one and done. Not sure about the 11th. My other predictied winners: Sen. Noland, Sen. Kotowski,, Rep.. Crespo, and Rep. Mussman,

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