God must hate the GOP

I can’t believe no one’s picked up on this!

When Katrina hit, all sorts of right wing Republican wing nuts claimed that atmospheric disturbance was the result of this country’s tolerance for gays as well as the general loose morals of the folks who inhabit the Big Easy. When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, they said it was because that country previously made a pact with the devil.

Why is it that the Big Guy never seems to be terribly concerned with all the collateral damage?

So now that Hurricane Isaac has shut down the Tampa Republican Convention, it can mean only one thing – God is reining retribution down on Republicans. Can I get an “Amen brother!”

Repent all you Republicans before it’s too late!

Where’s a Republican when you really need him?

Though we’ll never agree on the true definition of the term “nanny state,” the state of Illinois is bound and determined to make it happen because now they’re trying to regulate online dating.

That’s right! Online dating!

Yesterday, Governor Quinn signed a bill into law which forces Internet dating sites to alert Illinois users as to whether they perform criminal background checks on their lovesick members. If they do, but let convicted folks participate anyway, then they have to warn users those checks aren’t foolproof.

Of course, the law was sponsored by a State Rep. Michelle Mussman, a Schaumburg Democrat, who apparently believes no one ever uses and online alias!

Please tell there isn’t one single person out there who fails to comprehend that Match.com is the ultimate crap shoot. C’mon! It’s the quintessential Gumpian box of chocolates where you really never know what you’re gonna get. And a criminal record might be the least of your worries.

According to Online Dating Magazine, 30 percent of folks who sign up are already married or in a committed relationship. And as Cheap Trick so presciently sang, “Stay away you never what you’ll catch!”

Join a health club, become a member of a local church, or take a class – anything, but going online to meet your future spouse.

If you really could legislate stupid out of existence I’d start with Springfield.

More on this in the Beacon or Courier-News next week.





Buy a fricken newspaper (Part 2)

Yesterday the County Board basically agreed to rework and clarify the ordinance that stipulates exactly who can pass out raises to county department heads and the like. And it ain’t gonna be the chairman! She continues to flap her gums about the need to be competitive while paying prosecutors next to nothing and how she eliminated a plethora of positions in the raise process.

Former Beacon-News Reporter Dan Campana

Then tell me why it took three people to replace Larry Briggs in purchasing, one of them being McConnaughay lackey and S. Elgin Mayor Jim Hansen. No conflict of interest there!

But here’s the thing. Though board member Hollie Lindgren chided Jim MacRunnels for failing to come to the board with his concerns first before he filed the lawsuit that brought this to a head, that ain’t the way it works. One citizen can stand there before that board and complaine until they’re blue in the face, but absolutely nothing will happen.

The truth is, this all started with former Beacon-News reporter Dan Campana who took the time to FOIA that financial information and compile the totality of what those McConnaughay raises meant.  Then, with his research in hand and a bit of looking into the county code, it was this columnist who broke the news that they were likely illegal.

Then the board suddenly took note. So now this pension bumping stupidity, which will cost KC taxpayers $20,000,000 over the course of those staffers’ lifetimes, won’t happen again.

I know it’s fashionable for low IQ folks like Sarah Palin to bash the “lamestream media,” but without newspapers and their capable reporters, this story never sees the light of day. Karen McConnaughay wouldn’t have fled to Springfield either. Without Dan Campana’s had work Chairman McConnaughay would’ve gotten away with more – much more!

You wanna pay less taxes? Then buy a newspaper!

Matt Hanley wrote a book!

That’s right! Crack Beacon-News reporter and esteemed colleague, Matt Hanley, has written a book! It’s called “True Tales of Aurora Illinois: Mysterious Murders, Presidential Visits and Blues Legends in the City of Lights.”

In columnist and reviewer Denise Crosby’s words, “‘True Tales of Aurora Illinois’ really is a fascinating and fun read — including the gruesome murder stuff — about people and events in this city from the 1840s to the 1960s.”

Matt, an avid historian and a man who can actually string two sentences together, will be signing the book on Friday (8/24), from 5-8 p.m. at the David L. Pierce Art and History Center, 20 E. Downer Place, Aurora. He’ll follow that one up with another signing at the Two Brothers Roundhouse, 205 N. Broadway, Aurora from 6-8 p.m on Sept. 14.

I’m already looking forward to my signed copy.  Be there or be square!

You can also order it here!

And I won’t back down!

Never being one to take the road more traveled, today’s Patch column pressed the issue of purses being banned at Geneva High School.

Of course, failing to come up with any kind of rational response, my adoring female public continued to call me a misogynist and asserting that I must hate all women. My response would have to be that the truth is can be very hard to swallow.

As previously stated, women want gender equality in things like sports, the workplace, the military etc… – and I am all for that – but when that kind of equality is disadvantageous,  then their tune quickly changes.

When we first started going out, my wife demanded to pay her way on dates. I was impressed! But we all know the truth is, any woman can go into any bar and drink for free till she’s completely crocked. That old logic that, since women don’t work the guy has to pay, is as outmoded as the belief that women shouldn’t vote.

But even though the workplace has completely shifted, the vast majority of women still believe the guy should underwrite every date. And it’s the same thing with alimony (not child support).It works both way ladies! If you really want to convince me that you believe in gender equality then pay your own way.

Again, I’m not nearly accusing all women of using these tactics, but there are plenty of women (and to a far lesser degree, some men) who believe they can get by on their feminine wiles. I don’t think I could get out of a traffic ticket by crying.

My wife’s wonderful response to Monday’s Patch column was, “Yeah! If you’re stupid enough to let us get away with that stuff, then don’t blame us.” But as my favorite TV judge Marilyn Millian likes to say, “Just because some guy is willing to buy your love, that doesn’t mean you have to take him up on it.”

So if your gonna talk the talk, then let’s see you walk the walk.

But the nerve I think I really struck in those columns, if only unintentionally, is the unbearable thought that women are no better (or even a bit more devious) than men. In this Oprah driven “women good men bad” culture women are under the impression that the mere existence of specific body parts sets them apart and automatically makes them a better person.

And the fact that a man had the cohones to speak the truth drives them absolutely nuts (no pun intended).  Because they’ve managed to train their husbands to say nothing but, “yes dear,” they think the rest of us will simply fall in line. When they realize that some of us actually have a backbone,  just like Jesse Jackson plays the race care, they start shrieking, “You have contempt for all women.”

Ladies! Whether you like it or not, you’re no better than us and, I hate to tell you, but you’re going to have to live with that because, as Tom Petty once sang, “I won’t back down.”

Thanks to Tim Elenz and Allan Skillicorn for a great show

Those of you didn’t tune into WRMN AM 1410 yesterday from 3 to 4 p.m. missed a great debate. What made it particularly fascinating is, even though Allen is a Tea Partier, we both believe in many of the same principals – putting your political money where your mouth is, calling out your own party, and that there really aren’t that many fiscally conservative Republicans out there.

Whether I’m on the show or not, it’s always worth your while to tune into WRMN every Tuesday afternoon from 3 to 4 for Left, Right and You with Tim Elenze and Paul Edwards.