Karen McConnaughay would be late to her own funeral!

This is what really goes on in Kane County.

Earlier this week County Board Member Deb Allen’s car broke down which meant she couldn’t make it to one of the myriad of committee/subcommittee meetings on time. Because they didn’t have a quorum, Chairman McConnaughay had to take a break from her busy schedule, which mostly includes spending as much of our money as she possibly can (2 mil this week alone!)  before she departs for Springfield where she’ll spend even more, and fill in at the meeting.

Now, before we continue, please let me stipulate that Deb Allen is one of the most polite, responsible and involved members on that board. I’d even go as far as saying she’s a delight.

When she finally made it to the meeting, the chairman tried to kill her with one fierce look and subsequently issued a memo asking board members to give staff reasonable notice if they aren’t going to make a meeting. Apparently she believes that people put car trouble in their daily planners.

Deb Allen

Upon receipt of that memo, Sugar Grove County Board Member Melisa Taylor, a person after my own heart,  responded by essentially saying, “Hey! While we’re at it, how about starting county board meetings on time.”

As anyone who’s ever perched themselves in that Building A gallery already knows, the Chairman, who’s prone to grand entrances, is always 10 to 15 minutes late. She thinks nothing of holding everyone else up and would, indeed, be late to her own funeral.

Never one to miss an opportunity to kiss the chairman’s butt and take the bait, Cathy Hurlbut immediately fired off an email response calling Melissa out for her “snarky” comment which is utterly ironic considering it came from the queen of snark.

I hate to say it, but come November, I’m actually going to miss Ms. Hurlbut.  I wonder what job the chairman has planned for her?

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