If you can’t get the petition part right, why should we vote for you?

22nd District State Senate GOP challenger Cary Collins just survived a Mike Noland petition challenge by a scant four signatures.  Doesn’t anyone in the entire fricken’ Illinois Republican party understand you have to submit a little more than 1,386 autographs when they require 1,000?

The real irony is, if it weren’t for some bi-partisan support, Collins would’ve would’ve come up 300 signatures short.

Why is it that the local GOP, who regularly shriek and howl shout about the Madigan Democrats,  can’t even manage to come up with someone who can beat that utter embarrassment known as Mike Noland? If a Democrat can win Denny Hastert’s old Congressional seat, then a decent GOP candidate can put Noland out of our misery.

As for Mr. Collins?  Perhaps the jury is still out, but he ain’t exactly instilling confidence.

Cary Collins & Mike Noland

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